When is it appropriate to do an accessibility audit?

When is it appropriate to do an accessibility audit?

An accessibility audit examines a company’s digital capabilities to determine its accessibility. It usually refers to a customer-facing website or mobile app, although a complete web accessibility audits would also cover internal-facing intranets. Accessibility is the process of making a digital product as accessible as feasible to all users, including those with various impairments.

When is an accessibility audit necessary?

The earlier you can conduct web accessibility audits in the process, the better. Take advantage of this chance to incorporate accessible principles right from the start if your business is planning a website overhaul or relocation. It takes far less time and effort to prevent accessibility issues than it does to go back and address them after your website has released. If your company complies with accessibility legislation, don’t waste time. Begin by conducting an audit to determine how compliant your current assets are, and then utilize this information to determine how your business will address accessibility in the future.

Aside from ensuring compliance, an accessibility audit offer other advantages. If you want to improve your users’ experience on your website, increasing its accessibility is the best method. Some of the most commonly used features today, such as autocomplete text and voice control on our smartphones, were initially created for persons with impairments. It is unsurprising, given that the goal of accessibility is to make digital goods as accessible as possible to a wide range of users.

Another reason to do an accessibility audit that ignored is to boost your search engine optimization (SEO). The Core Web Vitals focus a strong emphasis on the quality of the user experience. Web accessibility and the usability elements that Google uses to rank your website have a lot in common. A screen reader for the blind would read your website in the same manner that a search engine crawler would. As a result, an accessibility audit provides a better understanding of your website’s usability, which complements your SEO efforts.