Madden NFL 21 – Update 1.26 Improvements

Madden NFL 21 – Update 1.26 Improvements

Since Madden NFL 21’s launch in August 2020, the game has had somewhat of a rocky reception from casual Madden fans as well as loyal American football gamers since the early 2000s.

Although the game franchise had just received a major title update (March Title Update) earlier in the month, a slew of new (and old) bugs and glitches continue to both entertain and disrupt players’ experiences in the game.

In the last Franchise mode update (next-gen consoles), the AI’s intended logic tweak was supposed to have solved some illogical player trade decisions, while the addition of League History seemed like a good idea at the time.

A particular Reddiitor recently shared an interesting glitch which followed the March Title Update, specifically of the Head Coach’s in-game texture being replaced by those of a rainbow-coloured placeholder character.

Not a good way to appease the fans, eh?

Hopefully, this latest update would prove to be the final call that straightens out all the minor quirks which continue to affect Madden NFL 21.

Update 1.26 is slated for release on all Madden NFL 21 platforms, including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

As players are now fast approaching the half-year line of 2021, it would seem that EA Sport’s attention will highly likely shift towards a much more polished Madden NFL 2022 release later this year.

As such, players should start preparing themselves for a new Madden NFL experience, come August 2021 onwards.

Are you still locking horns with your friends in Madden NFL 21?

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